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Squadron Activity Handouts

Dates Activity
02 Feb 19 NCO Development Weekend
10 Feb 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
23-24 Feb 19 1/19 Recruit Course
09 Mar 19 1/19 Enrolment Day
10 Mar 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
29-31 Mar 19 1/19 Bivouac
07 Apr 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
14 Apr 19 1/19 ANZAC Day Sunday Parade (Compulsory)
24 Apr 19 2/19 ANZAC Eve Service (Selected Cadets only)
25 Apr 19 3/19 ANZAC Epping Dawn Service (Compulsory)
25 Apr 19 4/19 ANZAC Kellyville Dawn Service (Selected NCOs only)
CANCELLED 5/19 ANZAC Timor Barracks Dawn Service (Selected NCOs only)
25 Apr 19 6/19 ANZAC City Parade (3WG)
04 May 19 Wings Over the Illawarra Air Show (3WG)
05 May 19 1/19 Wing Competition Practice
05 May 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
18-19 May 19 1/19 Pre Course
19 May 19 Centenary of Ataturk Commemoration (Selected NCOs only)
25 May 19 Metro Region Sports Day (3WG)
26 May 19 2/19 Wing Competition Practice
01 Jun 19 3/19 Wing Competition Practice
02 Jun 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
08 Jun 19 3WG Competitions (3WG)
TBA Sports Finals Day (3WG)
09 Jun 19 3WG Ball (3WG)
29 Jun 19 1/19 Dining In Night
30 Jun 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
28 Jul 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
04 Aug 19 Ashfield Parade (3WG) (Compulsory)
11 Aug 19 VP Day Parade (Compulsory) 
11 Aug 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
17-18 Aug 19 2/19 Recruit Course
17 Aug 19 Firearms Training Elective
18 Aug 19 .22 Rifle Shoot (FTE)
23-25 Aug 19 Canberra Trip - ADFA Open Day
31 Aug 19 2/19 Enrolment Day
08 Sep 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
13-15 Sep 19 2/19 Bivouac
17 Oct 19 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
20 Oct 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
26-27 Oct 19 2/19 Pre Course
10 Nov 19 Remembrance Day Service (Compulsory)
10 Nov 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)
30 Nov - 01 Dec 19 Parade Practice
07 Dec 19 End of Year Parade
07 Dec 19 2/19 Dining In Night
08 Dec 19 3WG Range Shoot (343FLT)






Wing Activities

Powered Flying And Gliding - 903 Squadron

Visit for more information.


Band - 344 Musicians Flight

344FLT Badge

The 3 Wing Band is (as always) recruiting to help build its numbers. If you would like to see what the Band has been up to, please view the Facebook page or YouTube channel.

See the below recruitment poster for more information:

344 Flight Recruitment Poster


International Air Cadet Exchange

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is a member of the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) Association, committed to the promotion of international friendship and understanding thoughout exchange visits of cadets and escorts to participating countries. 

Friendships formed thoughout the IACE program may last a lifetime and help to promote a healthy respect for the history and culture of both our near and far world neighbours.

Cadets and Staff of the AAFC who are fortunate enough to be selected to participate in an IACE tour not only as ambassadors for Australia but will have fond memories of different culture experiences which will enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

Boeing Defence Australia provides sponsorship to assist with the cost of air fares for this exchange.

Nomination process is conducted through CadetOne during September or October each year for exchange in the following year. 

AAFC Cadets will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Must have three years continuous and satisfactory service as an AAFC cadet and be at least 17 years of age prior to departure date (July);
  • Preferable be a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) or above in rank;
  • Hold or be able to attain an Australian Passport (has to be valid to or beyond December in the year of the exchange);
  • Recommendation from the Squadron Commanding Officer (CO) and endorsed by Wing Officer Commanding (OC);
  • Demonstrated participation in extracurricular activities;
  • Demonstrated levels of resourcefulness and initiative;
  • Proven communication skills;
  • Be in good health and physical fitness;
  • Tolerance of diverse points of view and cultures;
  • Awareness and ability to satisfy the ambassadorial role required of a cadet to represent the AAFC, Australian Defence Force (ADF) Cadets, ADF and Country;
  • Satisfactory completion of a pre-selection interview; and 
  • Cadets who have previously participated in IACE or other approved exchanges/visits are eligible for selection.

More information is on the AAFC Internet and Brochure.